Thursday, 7 August 2008


So the luggage is still missing in action. It's not just not here, but they can't tell us where it is. I randomly was able to find a modern hunting McGregor kilt from Arizona Kilts in Flagstaff. The guy was from Aberdeen and really helpful. They overnighted it to me and it should arrive today. Still need to get NBH a shirt and tie and hopefully con an optometrist into giving him some contacts.

Our mani/pedi party and my bachelorlette party last night were lots of fun. I thought it was hilarious to sing "Before he Cheats" and "Goodbye Earl" in a veil at the strangest karaoke night ever at Rock Bottom Brewery. I also rode a bull at Cadillac Ranch and shook my moneymaker at the Lodge. And hilariously somehow a man (who was really a woman) took NBHs Mom and Grandma to some bar (they wanted a sandwich) and then the bartender arranged for them to have a police escort (bike cop) home. Ahh I love randomess!

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