Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Vote for Jared!

I don't normally whore out my friends, but my friend Jared is a finalist in a contest to be on the tv show Mad Men. We don't get that show over here that I'm aware of, but who cares-- if I can help out a friend, that's all that matters. He and I lived across the hall from each other freshman year at George Washington and was one of my best male friends throughout my time at GW.

So here's the deal:

My friend Jared is now a finalist and voting has restarted!

PLEASE VOTE!! (No need to sign up for anything)

1 - Go to and vote. Here, you can also see the criteria the finalists will be judged on.

2 - Leave a comment if you have the extra minute--it helps! Some of the comments so far are entertaining--including some from bitter non-finalists.

3. Post the link in your Facebook status asking your friends to vote; send out a MySpace bulletin with the link, asking your friends to vote; E-mail 10 (or MORE!) of your friends with the link, asking your friends to vote. Put the link in your AIM status, asking your friends to vote.

I know he definitiely appreciates your all your help!!!

Speaking of GW, anyone else miss the Lion?


Sabrina said...

ahh, the Lion. What better place to go for a pitcher and delicious fries? Remember when we went there to get take-out during the IMF protests and there was some guy protesting to legalize marijuana? That was hilarious.

Melaina25 said...

We never made it to brunch...I think if I'm ever back in DC we need to finally do it :)