Friday, 29 May 2009

BGT: Quit already

I do not like Susan Boyle and I don't care what her story is the bottom line is she's not a great singer. If she'd walked out on that stage blonde and attractive, she wouldn't have made it past the first round of Britain's Got Talent. She's there because she came out looking a hot mess and it was surprising for her to sing well. She's not a bad singer, but she's not great or anywhere near what the media has made her out to be.

If there hadn't been such a media frenzy around her, I really don't think she'd have made it through the second round of public votes either. There are rumours she is going to quit the show or be told to leave and honestly, I hope she does.

There are some people who are actually talented and not just awkward and with a sad story to tell. I know the viewers of BGT vote for little kids and sob-stories, but COME ON! At least vote for the little kids/sob story that has talent, not the one who doesn't. These are my favorite finalists so far in no particular order:



Who should have made it through:

Two more finalists get picked tonight, but I still think Natalie should have made it through. It won't let me embed the video but you can see her precocious performance here. Now tell me Susan Boyle is better than her? That's right you can't.

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