Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sick Boy

Blondie Boy has had a cold and cough for the past week. Is there anything worse than a sick baby? They just look so pathetic and cute even as they rub their wee noses on you and leave snail trails on your shoulders. I don't like to give Blondie Boy medicine he doesn't need so the when he's sick we make sure he gets lots of fluids and lots of cuddles.

We got the chance to try a Karvol Vaporiser which promotes clear, easy breathing in a plug-in format that is clean and simple to use. Each vaporiser pack comes with three refills which contain a unique combination of aromatic oils - pine, cinnamon and menthol to help you or your child to breathe more easily. Each user-friendly refill lasts up to three nights and is suitable to use from age 3 months and up.
Blondie Boy's nose was running non-stop so he wasn't too congested, but he did have a chesty cough so we decided to give the Karvol Vaporiser a try. The smell was a bit too piney for my taste but it did seem to help Blondie Boy sleep through the night. We plugged in the Karvol Vaporiser behind his changing table and out of his reach, but it does lock so you don't have to worry about little ones pulling it apart if they do get a hold of it.
Since Blondie Boy can't exactly tell me if he noticed a difference in how he slept all I can say is that it certainly didn't hurt and he didn't wake up when we had it plugged in. The Karvol Vaporiser is available in stores and online for RRP £6.59.


Helen said...

Wished I had one of these when Baby Al was not very well. We try to keep the use of Calpol down but when the coughing and sneezing got so bad he couldn't sleep we ended up giving him a very small amount just before bedtime.

Think it's just that time of year for coughs and runny noses :( Hope Blondie Boy gets well soon!

Janine said...

I have that one and I have the Calpol one, and I must say that I personally prefer the Calpol one as it has lavender in it to promote sleep as well. Also, now that Blondie Boy is oler than 1, at the Nutrihealth Centre (the health shop inside big Tesco's) they sell honey and lemon lollipops that act like losenges for the toddlers. They definitely helped James when he was ill.

SSzem said...

hey!! i gave you a stylish blogger award on Sweet Stella's!