Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Handle with Care

I love a good care package, especially one with American treats in it and I was lucky enough to get two recently! Blondie Boy and I got an awesome package from his Mimi Linda with a microphone, Little People Plane and Paul Frank monkey tshirt for him and Girl Scout Cookies and Peeps for NotBlondeHusband and I! If you don't know what Girl Scout Cookies are you are seriously missing out. I'll be calculating the Weight Watchers Pro-Points for these tonight that is for sure :)

Before I left for London last Friday I got an awesome package of Sugar-Free Goodies from the Appliances Online, who sell cookers and other appliances, Fairy HobMother! They wanted to send me a wee treat, but knew I was doing well on Weight Watchers and didn't want to mess that up so they got me a selection of treats from the Sugar Free Megastore! Most of the snacks are American so I was super excited! I got creme filled cupcakes, snack bars, licorice, chocolate mints--YUM!

If you are in need of a treat yourself you might just want to comment on this post as I've heard the Fairy HobMother's ears prick up when they hear of a blogger in need of a little sweetness in their life :)


SusanKMann said...

Aww wow what a lovely gift the fairy hobmother sent. I know how much you miss your American treats. They are lovely. I need cheering up since I've been in bed for days with this kidney infection. So spaced out with the medication I hate it. Enjoy your treats and I hope to catch up with you soon whenn I'm better hugs x

I'm So Fancy said...

Thank God for this! Always my dilemma when over there..do I bring home clothes or sugar free red vines!?

mnm003 said...

That was very sweet, I love little acts of kindness like that! A pick me up is always good whether you are home sick for American foods, or getting ready to graduate University!

Lindy said...

care packages are the best!

Readily A Parent said...

Saw your tweet and had to see what great treats you had! My parent's lived in the States for a few years and while the spray cheese made me scoff, the other awesome treats made me jealous. Now that my Mom is back in Canada, she has a hard time finding these sugar free treats. She's got diabetes and a sweet-tooth. Really hard on her.
I need to get something like that too. Been eating too much comfort food lately to make myself feel better about the shoulder injury I got back before Christmas that *still* isn't better.
I was doing really well losing weight and was training for a half-marathon. Now I can't run because it hurts the shoulder and I'm all moody because of the pain and eating too many sweets. Gained it all back. Boohoo. :-(

Anonymous said...

I love reading about these little gifts. That Fairy Hobmother certainly has the knack of choosing the perfect gift. Perhaps I should enlist his help when the time comes to do my Christmas shopping! x