Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Four months

Age - four months

Weight - 15lbs 4oz (again not official)

Height - 27" (as above)

Sleeping habit - She is just on the edge of being too big for her Shnuggle and moving into her own room. It's funny with Blondie Boy he was in his own bed by now and I remember pushing NotBlondeHusband to let him sleep in his own room. With Baby Girl he is the one trying to push me but I'm not sure she's ready to be in her own room yet.

Eating habits - So this has been a learning curve for us with me being back at work. I'm expressing 10-12oz a day while I'm at work and she seems to be drinking at least that if not more while I'm away. My freezer stash isn't that deep and I've not been adding to it so I'm not sure what to do other than trying to up the number of times I pump at work. Breastfeeding while working full-time is another post in itself!

Favorite activity - Working out in her baby gym, blowing spit bubbles, squealing, eating her hands

Milestones - Teeny tiny ponytail

Firsts- Time in the snow, basketball game, birthday party

Like to compare? Here is Blondie Boy's 4 month update.

(sorry for being one day late, but Mondays are BB's swim lesson day)

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Melaina25 said...

Can't believe she's 4 months already!! Where has the time gone!? She looks super cute with that hair clip in :)

Well done for expressing whilst at work, I'm not sure I could do it myself it's hard enough just breastfeeding. Can't wait to read about your experience soon. xx

Melaina25 said...

Aww so cute xx