Friday, 28 August 2015

Eleven months

Age - eleven months

Weight - 20lbs+ (I've not weighed her so I have no idea!)

Height -  29 1/2"+ (again no clue and she's sleeping so not going to try!)

Sleeping habits - She sleeps in her own bed but still ends up in bed with us in the early hours most days. She goes to bed 11pm or so and is up for 8am when her brother goes to school with a middle of the night cuddle in between.

Eating habits - Still breastfeeding and trying new foods. She's had chicken, beef and pork now. If it is easy enough to mash she gets to try it! She's also convinced yoghurt is a finger food. She will eat literally anything except for "real meal" baby food pouches. If it's actual real food she will give it a try and nom it up.

baby eating yogurt

Favorite activity - She is taking after her brother and loves music. She's currently a big Taylor Swift fan and goes crazy dancing when she hears "Shake it Off."

Milestones - TEETH! Her first tooth broke through the second one right next to it came two days later. Only a centimeter or so is through on each of them but we finally have teeth!

Firsts-  Teeth, sleepover at Grandma's-- NBH and I went to see Ben Folds at the Kelvingrove Bandstand so she and her brother stayed the night at Grandma's house

Like to compare/contrast? Here's the boy's 11 month update! They look vaguely similar, no?

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