Friday, 26 June 2009

MJ 1958-2009

I know he wasn't exactly the picture of health or sanity these past few years, but I am truly shocked about the passing of Michael Jackson.

He was my first love. I can remember being a tiny little girl watching Thriller premiere and being scared and running upstairs, but then coming back down and watching it again (MTV played it twice in a row).

I loved him so much I had a Michael Jackson cake for my 3rd birthday. I even kissed the cake. I had MJ posters on my wall and a MJ barbie doll complete with only one glove.

I can't say I was a die-hard fan much past the age of 6, but it's still sad to lose such a musical icon at such a long age. I know he has been troubled, but I hope he is remembered for his music and not for the drama.


Mrs.Andreazza said...

Very well said. Awesome cake!!

jshay778 said...

Its so sad. I am still in shock and can't believe it. He was an amazing artist.

That is an awesome cake!

Aviva Events said...

So sad. I thought of you right away -sorry you lost your love on your birthday:(

Aren't you glad I asked mom to scan those pictures for you?

Liz said...

Awesome cake! You should send that picture into Cake Wrecks. :)