Monday, 15 June 2009

Music Monday

I'm going to push on y'all one of my favorite Scottish bands, Biffy Clyro. They are from Ayrshire (where NBH is from) and NBH's been mistaken for a member of the band more than once, but that's not why I like them.

I love, love, love that Simon sings in a full-on Scottish accent. Not only is it pretty hot, I just hate when people put on Anglo-American accents and lose their own accent. Simon also has some of my favorite Beach Boys lyrics tattooed on his chest- if that's not cred, I don't know what is.

He's also done a side project called Marmaduke Duke; I don't love it as much as Biffy Clyro, but still enjoy listening to him sing. Google "Rubber Lover" if you fancy giving them a listen!


Lorry said...

I started listening before I read the rest of your post, and my first thought was, "thank god he's singing in his accent." lol I wish everyone would sing in their own accents. :D

And I like your Music Monday.

jef said...

I can't get that Marmaduke Duke song, 'Rubber Lover' out of my head. IT'S SO DAMN CATCHY.

Also, I have just gotten myself a real, live blog. Hooray :) xx

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed them! Thanks for the intro.

Dana said...

I like it. Something about this song reminds me of Blue October.