Tuesday, 9 February 2010

You'll be my American Boy

Blondie Boy's Passport and US Birth Certificate came today. As you can tell he was super excited about it.

My favorite bit though was an accompanying information document which had this at the very end:

Running for President or for Congress

Legal scholars disagree whether someone born overseas to a US parent9s) is considered a "natural born Citizen," one of the Constitutional requirements to become President of the United States. The courts have never made an definitive ruling on this section of the Constitution. One U.S. Senator introduced a bill in October 2004 to clarify what this term actually means. If this bill becomes law, your child would definitively be considered a "natural born Citizen" of the U.S. and therefore could conceivably run for the White House some day. As an American citizen, your child can run for Congress, even though born overseas, but he or she would still have to meet the Constitutional residency and age requirements to run for the House or Senate.

I love that the Embassy is concerned for my son's future political ambitions :)


MrsBro... said...

That is a riot. Love it! Yay Calum!

Emily said...

Love the note! Congratulations Calum - I am sure he'll wear the American spirit proudly. He's super sweet!

Bonnie said...

Now that he has his travel docs, when is he coming to the states for a visit? :)

andrea said...

Yay Calum! So cute!

Divasaur said...

Congrats! I don't think I knew you had your baby...I just had mine two weeks ago...motherhood is amazing, isn't it?

Beccalog said...

that's hillarious. I remember getting that notice with Aidan's and thinking..surely this is all a bit early. Oh well..it's very good to have in case of emergency travel.