Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Food Glorious Food

There are all sorts of things you can read about when to start your baby on solid foods. Cues to look for, milestones to meet, but I'm not here to tell anyone when to start feeding their baby solids.

After talking to our Health Visitor, we decided to start Blondie Boy on solids. He's up to 8oz a feed and isn't always satisfied, stares at us eating, eats his hands, but most of all I do not believe he will wait until July (6 months) to start solids. I want him to be here in Glasgow when we start in case he has any allergic reactions. He is at a higher risk for food allergies (more on that later) so it is important to me that we try the same food for 5 days and that he can see his own doctor if anything happens.

So today will be Day 5 of Rice Cereal for the boy. I mix up 2 baby spoons of the rice cereal with half a scoop of formula and enough cooled boiled water (a tablespoon+) so it's smooth and almost runny, but not quite.

He seems to like it so far! Any suggestions for what to try next?


Anonymous said...

We had success with avocado early on :)

Janine said...

OOOh! The joys of weaning. Try either carrot or sweet potato next, both very popular in early weaning, unless you happy to switch to fruit, James love pears and apples in the beginning.

Pink Shoes Photography said...

I love his sweet face!
Are you going to try Oatmeal? I would try that next. Afterwards if you going to introduce food other than cereal, I would start with the basic low allergens like Sweet Potato, Peas, Avocado, squash.

Happy Feeding!! I love that spoon by the way.

Laura said...

they make baby avocado ova there? lol.. i think they just do the same food for 3 feedings or something like that here for allergy puposes... but its usually just the cereals for the first little while, before the avocado and such. lol. xo.

........... said...

Such a cutie! This website has good tips on weaning, including most/least allergenic food lists.