Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sweet Potato

So we originally planned for Blondie Boy's second taste sensation to be oatmeal, but after visiting two stores and googling that idea was nixed. We couldn't actually find any baby oatmeal for sale and it seems like there is no guarantee that oatmeal is gluten free and we don't want him to have gluten before 6 months.

So since I already had a sweet potato in the house and it is one of the least allergenic first foods, we went for that! We baked the sweet potato in tin foil and then I scooped the flesh out and pushed it through a sieve.

The sieve produced a smooth puree, but was quite time intensive and now my finger is sore, so next time I'm just going to use the food processor. Once it was sieved I portioned it out into some plastic tubs I got on sale at Tesco.
Two pots went in the fridge (it's suggested homemade food can last 48-72 hours in the fridge, we are going for 48) and the rest in the freezer (where they can last 1-3 months, again we'll air on the side of caution and use within a month).

I then added about a 1/4 of a scoop of formula powder and enough cooled, boiled water to make the sweet potato runny, but not liquid.

He seemed to make a "yucky" face a lot more, but ate about 1/2 of what was there. It was definitely a bit thicker than the rice cereal, so that's to be expected. It also seemed a lot messier than rice cereal, but that could just be because it is a lot brighter! We'll see what the next 4 days bring :)

Oh and the whole time I was writing this post, this was in my head, thanks Joel McHale....

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Anonymous said...

I love his sweet potato covered face!