Thursday, 5 August 2010

7 months

Age - seven months
(a little thing called America means I haven't done this since 4 months-WHOOPS!)

Weight - 17lbs 12oz

Height - 27 1/2"

Sleeping habits - He sleeps in his own room and we are working on getting him an earlier bedtime of around 10ish. No matter what he pretty much wakes up at 9am on the dot.

Eating habits - Eating 8oz 4 times a day, rice and a fruit or yogurt for breakfast and two veggies for dinner. Also trying out rice cakes, spelt biscuits, puffs and other goodies! Basically we are on to Stage 2, or chunkier puree or stuff he can mash with his gums.

Favorite activity - Swimming, splashing, screeching, singing, Skyping, making dinosaur noises, watching his puppy and rolling

Singing from Transatlantic Blonde on Vimeo.

Milestones - There are a lot since I'm behind 2 months. He can sit up on his own unaided, take steps if you hold his hands, turns pages in his books, rolls this way and that way to get where he wants to go and I'm probably forgetting tons of things. Oh, he gives kisses on demand :)

Firsts- time on an airplane, sitting in a highchair, going to America (Ohio, Kentucky & California), seeing the Pacific ocean, meeting his Auntie Alie, meeting his GG Bess, GG Jane and Great Grandpa Lee as well as a host of other relatives, first baseball game, first overnight alone with Dad, first finger foods and probably tons of other stuff I'm forgetting!


stan said...

YOu have an adorable kid!

MojoMama said...

Hahaha, he's too cute, and I LOVE the eyebrow lift at the end of the video!

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Lu said...

I love this. What a beautiful child! I am so glad we met on twitter and that you linked up with blogherathome!