Friday, 1 July 2011

Bon Voyage

Today is Transatlantic Blonde's third anniversary! Thank you all so much for reading all my random ramblings; here is what Blondie Boy has to say:

Yup that's right: Thanks and Bye! We are jetting off to Barcelona today and driving to the South of France tomorrow!  I've got some great guest posts lined up while I'm away so please show them some love!  I've also got Feminist Friday (open theme) scheduled for next Friday so please come by! I'm sure I'll have some interesting posts when I get back including celebrating American Independence Day in France, oooh la la!

We'll not have internet so please be patient if you are trying to reach me via twitter or email since I'll be cut off from the twitterverse and blogosphere. Don't feel too sorry for me though as I'll most likely be sipping a frozen beverage with my feet dipped in the pool :)

(that is the actual pool I will be lounging by!)

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Melaina25 said...

Have a splendid holiday. x