Friday, 2 September 2011

Feminist Friday XV

I'm knackered from a whirlwind trip to Blackpool so apologies if I'm more rambling and random than usual. My friend Karen tweeted me a link to Yes That Jill's blog post about a hair salon in Canada who, well words can not describe what they are like, but their ad campaign will make your jaw drop.

Yes that says "Look good in all you do" apparently including accepting your violent partner's "I won't do it again" necklace bribe for the black eye he just gave you.  How someone could use domestic violence to promote their business, let alone glamorize it, I don't know. This ad completely disgusts me and if you click through you'll see their other images are not much better. Even more shocking is that the salon refuses to apologize for the images.

Women who experience violence need help and assistance not some salon making light of their horrific experiences. What do you think? Are you as disgusted as I am? I can't say I'm shocked since advertising often uses violence against women as a thinly veiled theme for their advertisements, but this is deliberate and direct.

If you can please make a donation to Glasgow Women's Aid, who desperately need your support more than Fluid salon do. 

Feminist Friday XV

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Melaina25 said...

Speechless :-(

Melaina25 said...

The link is NOT through to their site it is through to another blogger who is equally appalled.

Melaina25 said...

tasteless, and OH FFS. We have not, surely, gotten to DV/DA "chic"? I despair.  

I'm not clicking cos I'm not going to give them the hits, but I've seen the stuff elsewhere - it's a number of things but it's also semiotically confused - is she "grinning and bearing it" ?  is this supposed to play on the idea of abused women "putting on a brave face"?  What does the image of a black eye have to do with hairdressing?  oh aye, absolutely nowt. 

Pointless, belittling, minimising shite.

Melaina25 said...

It's sure been getting a lot of coverage here in Canada, that's for sure. The owner was doing on cameras earlier this week defending the position. I fail to understand how they thought that was a good campaign. The idea that "any publicity if good publicity" is very very untrue.

Melaina25 said...

Thank you for posting about this, because I think it's just atrocious. And the fact that this salon is now trying to spin the attention into some twisted form of advocacy disgusts me further.

Melaina25 said...

It is shocking that a business should even entertain this. I do wonder if it isn't a cynical attempt on their part to grab the headlines. Have they been reported to the equivalent of the ASA?