Monday 8 April 2013

Gigaset SL910A Touch Screen Phone

When you’re looking at stylish tech items for your home, you probably think smart TVs, Macbook Airs, espresso machines and BluRay players. A new fixed line phone might not be one of the first things you think of but you might be surprised at how far phones have come recently, especially now Gigaset have released the SL910A  their first touch screen home telephone.

At first glance the Gigaset SL910A seems more like a mobile phone than a land line. It’s stylish metal and black handset looks more like the latest smart phone than what you would normally think a home phone looks like. It has a large touch screen interface and a sleek design. Bluetooth and miniUSB connectivity allow you to upload photos to the phone and use them as a screensaver or for picture caller ID. When you’re not using it as a phone, it is effectively an extra digital photo frame.

On top of all the extra features you wouldn’t expect it has a lot of great ones you would. There’s an answering machine with masses of recording space, an extra big battery allowing you plenty of standby time and talk time and a missed call list which lets you know who has called you when you’ve been out and about.

We loved the option to add photos. Like anyone with a young family the amount of pictures of your little one in the home is only limited by the number of places you have to put them. We just found some new space! The call quality and battery life are great, we haven’t had any problems there. If you were to push for a negative, there’s a limited number of ringtones and they’re all a little annoying after a while. A simple “ring ring”, classic phone option would not go amiss.

If you’re chic but tech savvy, this could well be the phone for you. What’s the point of spending a fortune kitting out your house with all the latest hip tech products and then sitting them next to an ugly old telephone? And the SL910A is definitely not style over substance, its features put it right up there with the best phones available.

The Gigaset SL910A Touch Screen phone retails for £139.99 and it’s available to buy from John Lewis, Dixons, Ligo and Amazon.

Transatlantic Blonde was provided a phone for review but all views are our own. 


Melaina25 said...

Super adorable photo shoot - he's so stylish with his hat!

Melaina25 said...

very interesting! I can definitely say I'm an iphone only girl, but maybe someday I'll switch it up :)

xo, Elle