Saturday, 28 March 2015

Six Months

Age - six months

Weight - 16lbs 3oz

Height -  27 1/2"

Sleeping habits - She still sleeps through the night but I have to wake up some time (I don't look at the clock) and put her pipka back in 3-5 times in a row. She's also still in her Shnuggle Moses basket in our room but NBH is pushing for her to go in her own room.

Eating habits - We started solids the day after she turned 6 months. I attempted baby led weaning and started her out with a chunk of avocado. She kept gagging and then spewed up all over herself so that was the end of that. I'm sure BLW is great for some people but I can't deal with gagging. So we moved on to rice cereal. She wasn't really sure about it but we'll try again and then do the same as we did with her brother and I'll make veggie and fruit purées.

Favorite activity - Her feet, kicking, petting/stroking people, looking at her brother and splashing in the bath.

Milestones - Is there a milestone about learning to control their tongue? Her tongue is persistently out of her mouth.

Firsts-  solid food, time in a pushchair

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Melaina25 said...

Wow she's coming on so much. What a wee cutie she is. Love that you used spewing x

Melaina25 said...

Aww she so cute, getting so big too!