Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I Love You Man

How appropriate was it that I went to see a free preview of "I Love You Man" on my main squeeze Paul Rudd's birthday? I've been crushing on Paul since 1995 and Clueless. If you are ever feeling down, just pop in Clueless and skip to the part where Cher realizes "I love Josh" and there is a montage and he looks over at her in the car and smiles...aaah. Okay but I digress.

"I Love You Man" is about Peter who after proposing to his girlfriend goes on a series of "man dates" to find a best man since he doesn't have any close male friends. Now I realize that sounds like the worst premise ever, but I swear it is not.

Firstly you have Paul Rudd who is hilarious and adorable all at the same time, Jason Seagal who is super funny and I have a mini-crush on, too (I actually vaguely remember thinking he was cute in Freaks and Geeks). Throw in Jaime Pressly, Jon Favreau, Lou Ferigno (yes, the Hulk) and a host of other players from some of the funniest tv shows (Flight of the Conchords, SNL, The Office, Reno 911 etc.) and you've got a great cast. It also has this guy:

Normally I'd share the trailer or some funny jokes, but I think the trailer sorta spoils some of the jokes. This is one of the first movies I've laughed out loud to in a while and it's not gross or degrading humor, it's just genuinely funny. We will definitely be getting this on DVD when it comes out.


Sabrina said...

yay, glad you loved it! It was the first movie Andy and I had seen in the theater in months. Everytime I see Jason Segal I just think of his character on How I Met Your Mother (which you need to get over there), but it's all good.

At some point did you get a sneaking suspicion that the ending was going to be really dark and unhappy? I almost felt like the actual ending got pasted on after meetings with focus groups (ala Fatal Attraction) but my research doesn't support that.

Bethy{aka}lilsis said...

*snickers* I still giggle when i think about that part where Jason told him that... gr, trying not to spoil it... thinking about his gf was gross! It was an aesome movie- I'm just sad that I nver could talk my family into seeing it!