Monday, 20 April 2009


Yesterday for NBH's birthday I made him a cake, icing and all from scratch. Two of his favorite flavours in general are lemon and lime, so I thought I attempt to make a lemon-lime cake. I'd never made something like this before, but I made a hybrid of recipes I found at Bakerella and Modern Renaissance.

I followed Bakerella's cake recipe exactly, except I used lemon extract instead of butter flavoring and two 22cm pans, rather than three. I also didn't have Saranwrap/ClingFilm so I put the cakes in giant Ziplocks.

I also added grated lime zest to my cooled sugar syrup which I later strained off.

For the icing I followed the recipe and used very little milk. I added some green food dye and lime juice to about 1/3 of the icing for a surprise in the center in honor of NBH's favorite football team Celtic, who play in green in white hoops/stripes.

All and all it was a very tasty cake and NBH had a great birthday! Even more exciting is we actually got a good photo of the two of us!

Oh and Emma got to sit up in the window and yell at 3 year old boys for pooping in the street and their mothers for leaving both the poo and wet wipes on the ground (yes, that's a story for another day).


Aisling said...

Your cake sounds really yummy!

Lorry said...

Very nice work on the cake. Sounds mmmmmmmmmmy. And you guys are too cute. :) Colin is just a couple months younger than Thomas.