Monday, 11 April 2011

Do you think I'm MAD? Then say so!

MAD Blog Awards 2011The MAD Blog Awards celebrate brilliance in Mummy and Daddy (MAD) blogging (you can see highlights of the 2010 Awards Ceremony, and details of last year’s winners, on the 2010 Highlights page).
While I don't think I'm the best and have no delusions of winning, I got two lovely messages over Twitter today saying people had voted for me. So I figured maybe if those lovely twitter friends voted for me, maybe some of you would want to as well? I mean y'all follow me so you must sort of like me, right? 
Nominations are now open and will stay open until the 22nd at which point finalists will be chosen.

Will y'all consider voting for me please? Or you can vote for any eligible UK parenting blog of your choice!

You have to vote for blog of the year and then there are 14 further categories. If you fancy voting for my lil old blog, fill in your name and email and enter:

You can vote in in whatever category you feel fit, but for example:

I'm still not sure why so many of you read my blog, but you do so you must like it, right?  I certainly like all of y'all for listening to me babble on all these years!

Thanks and be sure to read the MAD Awards Blog and check out the Tots 100 (where I'm currently ranked 5th, WTF?!?) to find other great UK Parenting Blogs!  Cupcakes for everyone who votes :)


Jax Blunt said...

Cupcakes? There are cupcakes?

Melaina25 said...

Yes if you nominate me I will provide you with cupcakes of the virtual variety, but specially chosen to reflect your personality :)