Friday, 28 August 2009

I ♥ My Friends/Family

I'm a very lucky girl! My best friend Sabrina sent me this super cool diaper bag last week. It's called OiOi, I'm not sure if it's punk or Jewish or both like me, but I love it! How cute is it???

My sister Alison also sent this super cute penguin hat from Etsy, modelled here by Gee Gee and Emma.

The Bebe is going to have a cute warm noggin' and I'm going to have a styling bag to schlep it's dirty drawers around in. SCORE!
Thank you xoxoxo


Mrs. Lexi said...

In love with that bag! Adorable!

Dana said...

I just bought a new diaper bag yesterday, and yours is way cuter. I wish I would have read this first!