Monday, 17 August 2009

Pretzels & Puppies

For some odd reason, in the sonogram waiting area they always have American cooking magazines. I can't for the life of me figure out where they come from, but I enjoy them none the less.

During our last wait we saw a recipe for homemade Auntie Anne's pretzels. Since I haven't been feeling well NBH googled the recipe and from scratch made me Auntie Anne's style soft pretzels and sweet mustard sauce.

They were really yummy and I'm super impressed he made something with live yeast, something I've never attempted. I might ask him to try Cinnamon rolls next!

In other random news apparently Emma wanted to play Scrabble last night, too. She walked in front of me and sat down square in front of my spot.

Yes we play board games before we go to bed sometimes, so what? And for those with eagle eyes and a dirty mind, it's a male chicken, ok?


Laura said...

do you have crescent rolls in a can over there? like the kind u pop open the can to cook? i made some pretty good cinnamon twist thingies with those.. it was a betty crocker iphone app recipe.. i can get it to ya if u wanna try it..

Laura said...

ps i think it just let me leave a comment! woo!

Melaina25 said...

Ooh that sounds good! We get croissants in a can (the only thing in a can we get) so that could work!