Friday, 6 November 2009

The Bacon Sniffles

I'm not going to debate the pros/cons of getting the H1N1 vaccine while pregnant; anyone can google WHO, CDC or NHS recommendations, but I will tell you my experience of it. I did my research and consulted my doctor and followed the advice that all pregnant women in the UK get the vaccine.
I got it yesterday and the only side-effect I have is a red area from the injection and it feels like someone punched me--I think my arm is more sore that it should be because I have to sleep on my side because of my bump. It didn't hurt and while we did sit and wait for quite a long time, I'm pretty sure that's because appointments never run on time at my doctor.

So this should mean no swine flu for me and added bonus, none for the bebe as I pass on my immunity to them. I like that last bit since otherwise babies can't get the vaccinne until 6 months at which point I'm guessing all the hub-bub will have died down.


Jennifer said...

Ohhh, I'm getting mine next weekend; not pregnant, just have asthma so I am booked into my doc for the bacon shot too!

To be honest, I have little to no patience with the anti-vaccination crowd because, the way I see it, no one has died from the vaccination. When people our age, who are otherwise healthy, are dying and/or requiring ICU, I take notice.

Candace said...

I got mine yesterday and all seems fine. My arm is just sensitive.

Unknown said...

As a preggo in the US I got my vaccine a week ago and my only regret was that I couldn't get it sooner! My arm was more sore with the seasonal flu vaccine... For anyone who cares to know, the vaccine is made in the same manner as the seasonal flu and is actually more tested than the seasonal flu shot... so get it, especially if you are preggo because your risk of being hospitalized or dying is 40% higher than your non-preggo friends! Sorry, clearly I am pro vaccination =)