Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez: Londres

This past weekend NBH and I went to London to see the New Orleans Saints play the San Diego Chargers at Wembley Stadium. We also got to visit and stay with his sister Kate who moved to London a month ago.

We had a great time wandering about London and an amazing time at the game. Special thanks go out to my good friend Bonnie's mom, who since she got into a suite gave us her tickets which were way better than ours and 20 rows back on the 25 yard line.

NBH's Mom was nice enough not only to babysit Emma, but also to loan us her camera. Here is our weekend in pictures:
London 10/24-27
My Grandmother's friend Gert was part of the Kindertransport and I promised her I'd take a picture of the memorial outside Liverpool Street Station the next time I was in London.

There were a couple people building sand sculptures along the banks of the Thames. It reminded me of the sea creatures my Dad made when we were little in North Carolina.

Katie and NBH at pub on the Thames
Dinner at Cafe Dos Sol in Clapham High. It was the best Mexican I've had since living in the UK and I'd highly recommend it!
This has to be the coolest Wetherspoon's pub ever. It's in an old cinema and it still has a lot of the original features. I really wish the big screen was still there though.

Tailgating next to Wembley. There were people in just about every NFL jersey. It was pretty gross and rainy though and the lines for food, drink, face painting were super long.
I didn't realize there was a Bengal one on the other side of the room so I'm a Raider.

NBH couldn't find the Pats either so he was an Eagle.

Even though the rain stopped, it was really cold and I had to break out my hat.
We were so close to the field.

If you look close you can see the ball in the air.

All the Saints fans around us had flown over from New Orleans.

Geaux Saints!

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Christina said...

I'm so jealous! We wanted to go, but the prospect of the 5pm start and getting back for work Monday morning was a bit much. My husband just started work last week, so it's probably too soon to take vacation. We did watch the game on TV, which was totally weird. No commercials and commentary at each timeout (with Jerry Rice!). Explanations of crazy football rules for the UK audience!