Thursday, 30 October 2008

I'm all jacked up on caffeine

Today I went on a Starbucks odyssey. Odyssey? Yes, an odyssey. While on my way to get my eyebrows threaded (those scary caterpillars from the London pics are no more) I saw a sign promoting the new "Dark Cherry Mocha." So this morning I decided to indulge and have one.

The first Starbucks I went to the line was too long, so I went to a 2nd Starbucks, again with a giant line, so what else could I do but go to a 3rd Starbucks. All locations were within a block, two blocks of each other. I could have pondered the politics of globalization and market saturation, but I was determined to try this new taste sensation.

I arrived in line and was told that the Dark Cherry Mocha was not available to the public yet, but the wee man made me a sneaky one anyway- SCORE! However now their card machine was broken, so I had to run out to a cash machine and back again. I was rewarded not only with my lovely tasty drink, but a coupon for a free tall one after November the 5th. If you aren't a fan of cherry it is also good for Gingerbread Lattes or Toffee Nut Lattes.

On a completely different note, I am extra sad I didn't see the Dupont Drag Race this year because of fabulous runners like this divalicious creature. I have a secret desire to dress as Palin this Halloween and walk around winking and saying "you betcha" all night.

For those who don't know the annual Drag Race takes place at Dupont Circle around Halloween when fabulously costumed Drag Queens have a 'race' in heels. It's more about the outfits than the racing though. I never managed to make it to a race while I lived in DC and regret it deeply.

I sometimes daydream about running away and having my own drag cabaret as a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. Yes I have issues....

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