Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Litter bomb

Did you know that this:
Led to this:

Okay so Hiroshima didn't lead to Jennifer Ellison and her double entendre, but it was the funniest/randomest photo when I googled litter.

While I waited for the bus 2 young (17,/18?) girls ate some Doritos and then threw the bag on the ground. There is a trash can less than 5 steps from the bus stop and no buses were approaching so there was no logic behind their littering. Although the one girl was still trying to suck Doritios dust off her fingers; I didn't have the heart to tell her that the orange color was her fake tan, not cheesiness. Stick with me here, I'm almost there.

Anyway I picked up the empty bag and put in it the trash can, not saying anything to the young girls. I sat back down and an old woman turned to me and said how it was ridiculous these days and how could they do that. Now here's where the mushroom cloud comes in.

Old lady: You know it all started after they dropped that bomb. People started living like every day was their last and not caring about tomorrow. It got passed to the next generation and then next and now this one doesn't care about anything.

I just sorta smiled and nodded and tried to figure out how she made the mental leap from littering to the nuclear bomb...my mind rambles and jumps about but that's a leap even for me!


Lorry said...

I'm sure those girls were thinking, "who cares where the bag goes when I might die today?" and not, "I'm a lazy bitch who is way too important to put effort into anything I don't directly and immediately benefit from."

Jennifer said...

People who litter have no self respect or respect for others; it's a pet peeve that makes me homicidal.

I can see where the old woman was coming from though; a lot of older British people who lived through the war (assuming she did too) are still deeply affected by it and have wee quirks because of it.

However, not sure Hiroshima is the cause of lazy littering bastards though.

Bethy{aka}lilsis said...

That sounds like something crazy that my grandma would invent :-)