Monday, 16 March 2009

Movie Bad Ass Brackets

I'm writing up speakers notes as I've been asked last minute to open a conference on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome tomorrow-- yikes! So while I come up with 15 minutes on FAS, why don't you pop over to my friend George's blog and vote for the Biggest Movie Bad Ass of all time.

It works like the NCAA brackets, but simpler as you pick one round at a time. Here's where I should put some embarrassing pictures of George circa 1996, but lucky for him they are all in my Dad's attic. I do have a photo from a Husman Hall party circa '98 I can break out if he gets fresh though.

I've already cast my vote, so why don't you?

I really hope Marky Mark you remember "Fear?" That shit was scary, especially the rollercoaster scene! And who knew Grissom was the Dad?


Aviva Events said...

When I think of Fear, I just think of that poor dog... eek/ick.

Melaina25 said...

I forgot about the dog :(

Dana said...

I loved when he carved "Nicole 4 Eva" on his chest.