Monday, 9 March 2009

Blondie's Random Rant: Copy Cat Tats

I love tattoos. I think they are beautiful and sexy and in general have been known to think a guy is hot based on his tattoos. That being said there a lot of people with a lot of stupid tattoos. I love Zack Morris, but I'd never do this.

(You can see 77 more people who decided to have the likes of Bob Barker, Bill Cosby and Bald Britney tattooed on them here.)

I'm not a big fan of people who walk into tattoo parlours and pick something off the wall. Why would you want something that who knows how many other people have? Don't you see the hundreds of douchey ex-frat boys running around with barbed wire/tribal arm bands? They look stupid!

Personally I think a tattoo should be something you've thought about and has at least some tenuous meaning to you. For example: I'm not Japanese, I have no Japanese heritage, I've never been to Japan and I didn't major in Japanese (although I did take one Anthro course on Japanese culture through film, but I digress) therefore I'd never get Japanese characters tattooed on me.

Now if you have some Japanese characters tattooed on you, I'm not trying to make you feel bad. Personally, it's not my style. I would, however, have Hebrew characters tattooed on me. I do have Celtic knotwork tattooed on me. See the link?

Anyway, everyday on my bus I see this girl. I'm going to say early-mid 20's and oh her tattoos (that I can see) drive me nuts. I can only assume she has chosen to commit another cardinal sin in my book: copying a celebrity tattoo.

Exhibit A: Celebrity Tat
Eve, rapper/actress. I'd never get claws printed on my girls, but I think somehow Eve manages to pull it off.
Exhibit B: Copy Cat Tat

Now bus girl, well not only does she not pull it off in the slightest, her paw prints looks like they came from that sad cat who is always trying to escape Pepé la Pew. The only similarity with Eve is that they both have tattoos on their breasts.

I know it's bad to judge people but I just can't help it. Plus really what's the chances she's got this one someplace else....


Lorry said...

Any chance of sneaking a piccy of cartoon kitty's prints on bus girl funbags? I just had what I expect to be the best laugh of the day trying to picture it.

George Herron said...

Having tattoos and piercings I tend to get annoyed with certain things as well. While I encourage my wife to get tattoos and piercings because I find them sexy as hell I do have certain things that are no nos.

I have no problem copying something like tribal, since I in fact have a similar tribal design that George Clooney has in Dusk till Dawn. But, I hate when people get celebrities tattooed on themselves, unless it is for humor purposes, then I will let it slide. As far as placement is concerned, never on the boobs, I think it looks trashy. Wrist is OK, but not middle of the arm randomly, like Scarlett Johanson's. I think she is super hot, but God do I hate that tattoo she just got. Feet are OK, but not the calf, again trashy. So, I agree with Ryan, have the tattoo mean something and try to be original!

Piercings. Ladies, please not on the nose or eyebrow.

Melaina25 said...

Lorry I have contemplated it, but I think I might get my head kicked in if she caught me. She looked a bit rough :)

George, I used to have my eyebrow pierced...guess you didn't notice :)

George Herron said...

I did notice, and I can live with it, I just would prefer not! And I can tolerate that WAY more than the nose!

A girl that is a 10 otherwise will drop to a 7 easily with a nose piercing. If you are counting at home a 7 will drop down to a 4!

Sabrina said...

Ok, I actually love the Judge Judy tat. Completely hilarious and while sort of ridiculous, at least it's not deathly generic. I would say my no-no's list would include dolphins (unless you were a swimmer, MAYBE), superhero emblems and cartoon characters.

Monique said...

Ok I thought the Zack tattoo was bad - but Judge Judy - really??? OMG
I like a tasteful tattoo - but wow some of those are awful!

Mary said...

Zack Morris!?!?! Seriously? At least it's not Screech or Mr. Belding, I suppose. I also don't understand why someone would go into a tattoo parlor and pick out something generic. This is (likely) permanent, people! Don't you want something that you've thought about and is unique, like you said? I'm contemplating getting one-we shall see-but it's something special to me and likely no one else will have it.