Friday 8 October 2010

Scouting for Scout

I knew about Leapfrog Toys as the Entertainment Center that was loaned to Blondie Boy in Cincinnati was Leapfrog and he absolutely adored it. It was really well made and clever, so I was excited to try out more Leapfrog products.

Blondie Boy loves to read. He loves it when he is read to as well, but he loves to read himself and will sit happily with a book for minutes at a time. "Goodnight Scout" is recommended for ages 6 months-36 months. Children can flip the pages back and forth to progress the story, and learn about book basics and bedtime routines as they listen and "read." The book can even play lullabies and be used as a night-light.

Blondie Boy, as you can see, often reads upside down, but he loves flipping through the pages and pushing the button at the top to change the story or activate the songs. The tabs on the side mean it is easy for children to turn the pages and can play and read independently.

We also were sent Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout, which is ridiculously adorable. The wee puppy sighs a sleepy sigh when you turn him on that is the cutest thing ever. Depending on which buttons your press Scout sings songs, counts sheep/stars, plays lullabies or plays nature sounds. The moon also glows to provide a soothing nightlight.

Blondie Boy liked Scout and pet him and his blanket, but he was not all about chilling with Scout and falling asleep. I tried introducing Twinkle Twinkle Scout when I knew he was sleepy, but not asleep and he just wasn't feeling it. That being said, Blondie Boy doesn't sleep with any toys when he naps or at night, nor does he ever go to his bed still awake, so that could play a part, too.

My friend Kami's little boy Lincoln has Twinkle Twinkle Scout and loves him and can push all the different buttons by himself. Lincoln is a few months older than Blondie Boy so maybe Blondie Boy will learn to love Scout in time, too.

My only gripe is that both the book and Scout have English accents. Blondie Boy only ever hears American or Scottish accents, so the English accent might have confused him, too. It would be nice if toys with Scottish accents existed in the UK (I know I can get American accents in the USA), so far I have no come across any.

Leapfrog Toys are available at many retailers and online.

Transatlantic Blonde was provided these products for review.

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