Sunday, 28 November 2010

Blondie Boy's First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Menu

Teriyaki Potato Skins
Baked Camembert

Pioneer Woman Thanksgiving Stuffing (including her skillet cornbread)
Donna Taylor's Famous Sweet Potato Casserole
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Pennies From Heaven Carrot Coins
Cranberry Sauce

Chocolate Turkey Cupcakes (also used as place cards)
Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving didn't exactly turn out as we expected, but what can you do. We knew we'd be having less guests than we originally thought, but then two of our friends got snowed in* today so it just ended up being 5 of us and a LOT of food. Oh and as of last night the turkey was still frozen, but I'm not getting into how we gave the turkey a bath.

We managed to leave a bag of groceries in Glasgow so that meant no marshmallows for the sweet potato casserole and no canned pumpkin for the pumpkin pie. I was also going to make Blondie Boy a turkey onesie, but I forgot the brown felt as well. He also was going to have a cute shirt and tie, but since it was just family we had a more casual dress code.

Since there was only 5 of us we scratched the baked camembert starter and just munched on the potato skins midday. I probably would have cut out at least one other side dish, but I'd already started the stuffing on Friday and both potato dishes last night.

My Mother-in-Law set the table with a red, white and blue theme complete with an American flag. I used my tasty American Soda sponsored Turkey cupcakes as place cards. I used Texas sized silicone cupcake molds so it was more like individual cakes than cupcakes. The aerosol white icing wasn't as easy to control as I'd like, but I think the names don't look that bad.

I'd never made stuffing from scratch (or cornbread from scratch) before and I think it turned out really well. It was good it was all tasty because even after making up a big plate for both NotBlondeHusband's Mom and her partner there is a ton left. We'll be having leftovers for several days and I think I might try the Sunday Baker's Turkey Wild Rice Soup, too.
Blondie Boy even had his own wee plate of Thanksgiving dinner and really seemed to enjoy it. He had a taste of stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato and his own plain mashed potato, carrots and turkey. He really seemed to enjoy his first Thanksgiving!

I've linked to all the recipes I've used that are online, but if you'd like any that aren't listed I'd be happy to send or post them for you!

As per the deal I have with my Christmas loving Mother-in-Law, now that Thanksgiving is over she's allowed to go nuts with Christmas stuff, so I put Blondie Boy in his Christmas pajamas after dinner as a special treat. Somehow the lucky boy got an early present, a snazzy light up and spinning drum!
The holiday season really has begun! Next up St. Andrew's Day followed shortly after by Chanukah and then Christmas, New Year's and Blondie Boy's first birthday. It's going to be a busy few weeks!

*For those who don't know we got 4+ inches of snow in Glasgow late Friday night and who knows how much more today (we are in Troon, but I've heard at least 4 more); more on the snow in a later post!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

That soup sounds really good and BB looks so cute with his drum! x

Anonymous said...

That looks lovely, a great day obviously had by all. Love the table and the food. And adore the photo of Blondie boy.

CJ xx