Thursday, 11 November 2010

We wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land

Have you heard of Munchkin? Not the singing people who Dorothy found at one end of the yellow brick road, but the maker of unique baby products. Munchkin has over 150 clever products that make life as a parent easier and more exciting.

We were super excited to try out the Deluxe Bottle Brush and the Mighty Grip® Flip Straw Cup. I know what you're thinking-- you're excited about a bottle brush? Well yes! Our first bottle brush we had ended up snapping in half, um not good and the second one the bristles flattened and was useless shortly after starting to use it.

The Deluxe Bottle Brush stands upright with a strong suction base. The unique textured scrubber reaches hard-to-clean areas where germs like to hide and inside the handle is a nipple brush, so it’s always close at hand. You can suction it to the bottom of the sink or counter for one-handed cleaning and germ-free drying.

The brush is just awesome. It cleans bottles quickly and effectively and shows no signs of breaking or faltering anytime soon. Anyone with a baby knows that sometimes you have to wash a bottle while holding a baby so the one-handed cleaning the suction cup allows is perfect. It is a slight annoyance to unscrew the nipple brush from the handle, but it's not difficult to do nor does it take long. I'd rather have the suction cup than the nipple brush on the other end.

The Mighty Grip® 10 oz. Flip Straw Cup has a contoured shape a lever that flips up to put the straw in perfect sipping position and to close it securely. Whatever position the straw is in, it’ll never leak or leave you to wipe up a mess.

As a Mom I think this cup is brilliant because so many sippy cups spill and leak in diaper bags which is just annoying and messy. I have lots of friends back home that swear by straw cups so I was excited to try one. Blondie Boy loved the cup, but I can't get him to grasp the idea of a straw. He happily toted it around and gnawed on the straw, but he couldn't actually drink water out of it. So while in theory I can recommend it, in practice I can't.

Does anyone have any tips for teaching a baby how to drink out of a straw?

Transatlantic Blonde was provided these products to review.


liveotherwise said...

I think it just takes time.

........... said...

We love these cups - they are all Theo uses these days. I didn't know you could get them in the UK - all ours were brought back with us from the US.
As for getting Blondie Boy to drink from the straw - I just kept offering the cup and eventually Theo got the hang of it. - jeanne

Melaina25 said...

I've seen Munchkin products for sale in ASDA and I know you can get them online from places like!

Thanks for the advice Jeanne :)

Janine said...

I am not sure how you teach a baby to use a straw, James just seemed to know how, so maybe just keep offering it. Although in the beginning he did try and lift the cup like a bottle. Have you tried the Munchkin Snack catcher Cups? They are awesome, James uses his on a regular basis and we have had requests from SA to send some home as gifts.

Jessica said...

The straw thing just seems to click one day. I can't remember how old J was when that happened, but it was more recently.

Chef Heather said...

We taught Trip to use a straw by putting one in juice and putting a finger over the top, keeping a little liquid inside. Then we lifted it into his mouth and let the liquid out. After a few times with this, we held our finger there and he learned to suck. These cups are the best, but a challenge to thread the straw back through if you need to take it all the way out for cleaning. I just stick the tops in the dishwasher whole!