Saturday, 13 November 2010

X-Factor Live Shows: Week 6

NotBlondeHusband is out watching boxing and Blondie Boy is asleep in bed so I'm back live-blogging my thoughts on the X-Factor. It's Elton John week so hopefully contestants will actually follow the theme and I'm totally expecting a few trainwrecks!

Paije Richardson

Is it bad that I think this is best Paije has been styled and he's in a Pepto-pink blazer? I still think they shouldn't ask him to move/dance because he gets so out of breath and time; he can't sing and dance at the same time. As for the song, it's not bad, but it's not good and certainly isn't holding my attention. And as an aside, Cheryl isn't familiar with "Crocodile Rock?" Who wants to bet Elton has a bitchy quote in the papers tomorrow about that! Bottom line, Paije could be in trouble because everyone knows first out is often vulnerable.

Aiden Grimshaw

He looks like he wants to be an Elvis impersonator tonight with that hair and jacket. Let me be clear- I don't like Aiden. I think Aiden thinks Aiden's shit don't stink--do you get what I mean? Everything he does is so self-indulgent; eyes closed, pulling funny faces. I don't think he's intense, I think he's up his own arse. Personally I prefer William Shatner's version of "Rocket Man" but the judges seem to like it so who knows.

Mary Byrne

Do you think every Tesco employee is voting for Mary because honestly I'm not sure who else would be. I think shouting louder to try and show you can sing only can get you so far in the competition. All she does is shouty renditions of boring ballads and I'm not feeling the love tonight. I think she could be at risk because it only just ended and I already can't remember her performance.

Katie Waissel

The only thing I like about Katie is she makes me feel better about my hair; will they please fix her roots already? I don't think her voice is strong/loud enough to pull off this song; it's really hard to hear her vocals on the chorus and it just isn't believable at all in my opinion. The production was entertaining, but she wasn't. I've heard rumours it's a double eviction tomorrow and if it is she's out, no question.

Matt Cardle

I would have bet money he was going to sing the version of "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge, so at least he's not been super predictable. However had he ever had a production with dancers? It's always just him out there with some smoke and lights. I'd like to see him put on a bit more of a show. He's a good singer, but kinda whiny. I mean I'm not saying he's whining and complaining, but he's just sorta whiny and blah. I like my male singers to be a bit rough and slightly cocky, so maybe it's just me. I'm fairly sure he's safe though.

Cher Lloyd

What the F is on her legs? Are they robot pants? Are they tights? Why is she wearing silver whatever they are on her legs with a jacket that has gold cuffs? I do not like mixing silver and gold-- not cool in my fashion book. I like that they've chilled out her make-up some and it's probably about as naturally looking as she gets. The song choice was good, especially since Mary J Blige covered it and I think she's safe.


Wagner had a lady friend with a pet lion; why does this not surprise me? What's this all about? Why are we cutting to Louis? I guess any delay to having to listen to Wagner sing is a good thing. Why does Wagner always sing, and I use the term sing loosely, two songs each week? They didn't even make any attempt to mesh/mash the songs together this week. As the number of contestants dwindle the vote for the worst campaign for Wagner should lose steam. I'm going to hope he's in the bottom this week.

One Direction

I want to ask y'all who your favorite band member is but I'm pretty sure they are all under 18, but if you were a teenager again who would your favorite be? I know little girls love them because well they're semi-attractive young boys singing, but I really do think they actually sing well together. Little girls everywhere will think they are singing that song to them, but I think they could have chosen something a bit less predictable. You can barely hear the judges talk over the wee girls screaming and cheering! They are consistent each week and are totally safe.

Rebecca Ferguson

Ooh great song choice and I'm really glad she's singing the original version, too. That dress however is horrible and looks like a sack hanging on her--where is her waist? You know she's a tiny thing, but that dress is not doing anything for her at all. The colour looks good on her but the dress needs some shimmer and needs to nip in at her waist and show off her figure. Her hair looks like when people braid a horses hair in fancy knots, do you know what I mean? She sang great though and she's safe in my book.


andrea said...

I hate Cher. Hate. Her. I said last night they should cut her legs off, because she is absolutely the stupidest dancer ever.

Oh, and is it bad that my answer would be Harry? Yeah, probably. Oh well :)

Paula Virgo said...

I do enjoy reading your X Factor commentaries but can't agree with you about Aiden. I thought he was a little love and Saturday nights won't be the same without him now :(