Saturday, 8 November 2008

I <3 Baby Hippos

So I was super bitchy the past few days with the whole Phase 1 thing. I've decided to bypass it and go straight into Phase 2, so after a Smores Poptart (not Phase 2, but whatev) I'm much more pleasant.

And in other news, who knew baby Hippos were so cute? I mean I know my friend Heather's baby dressed up for Halloween as Hippo was cute, but real ones, I had no clue! GWU's unofficial mascot was a Hippo, but that's what happens when your University President erects a statue to the Water Horse and your official mascot is the unscary Colonial.

Monifa is a baby pygmy hippopotamus and was recently born at the Taronga Zoo in Australia.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! That is way too cute!