Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night

Fireworks scare the living daylights out of my sweet Emma. Sure it's only one night, except it's not. This goes on for at least a week. I don't like a shaking, panting puppy who is scared to leave my side let alone the house.

The Postal Service

Not the band, I am neutral on them. I mean USPS, Royal Mail, etc. My absentee ballot was posted on October 17th, it arrived November 5th. NBH and I sent postcards on our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, August 18th and they arrived to people this week. Maybe I'm being unrealistic here, but mail shouldn't take 3 months.

South Beach Phase 1

I know I have sung the phases of SB before and I lost 3 1/2 stone (~50lbs) on it, but this time around on Phase 1 is a total pain in the ass. I'm really struggling and have absolutely no motivation to stick with it for 2 weeks. You'd think shifting 10lbs post wedding weight would be motivation enough, but apparently not.

Sour Grapes GOP

McCain was ridiculously gracious, so why can't you be? I'm really tired of FB status messages that say "I refuse to raise my children in a blue state" and "Here comes the apocalypse." And as far as "I'm moving to Europe," if you think Obama is 'socialist' well Europe is not for you. Also it's not easy being an expat, ok?

Sunsets before 4pm

I get it, I live on the same line of latitude as Moscow, we're pretty far north. That doesn't mean I like leaving work in the pitch black or night.

....I'm a bit bitchy, can you tell?


Christina said...

Great post!

Re: GOP friends on Facebook...that is so weird. All my FB friends are pro-Obama except for one (or the pro-McCain ones are keeping quiet). I was really surprised. I thought my friends were a bit more balanced politically, but I guess not.

My husband is pro-McCain so I'm not getting to bask in the win as much as I'd like. He is surly right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey there- Just stumbled across your blog. I'm also a US expat in Scotland...and I agree with the things you don't love! The lattitude? Not so much my thing!...It's kind of fun in that season we call summer (though where's the warmth?), but that's about it.
As for the post office- I tend to periodically forget that the royal mail and the post office are separate entities. I miss integrated mail systems where the letter carrier picks up AND delivers.
Enough rambling- thanks for the blog.

lizrising said...

My girlfriend and I are planning to move to a blue state to raise our future children in! I am madly in love with Atlanta but this red state blows.

Melaina25 said...

Well, I figure I grew up in the most teeny, tiny red town and I'm not totally warped. So it doesn't matter *that* much whether you live in a red/blue state.

That being said I LOOOOOOVE that Ohio is blue :) :) :)