Wednesday, 28 January 2009


One of the things we always try to do when we are stateside is catch a game. We were lucky that my friend Shaun got us 3 tickets for free to see my alma mater play Rutgers on Wednesday.

First we went and had dinner at Skyline with my friend Allyson and her son Parker. Here he is in simultaneously eating a Cheese Coney and roaring like a dinosaur. He is my favorite meshugga. For those who care, I had a 3way, half dry...yum!

NBH, my Dad and I were a little late to the game and the first half was pretty dire. No one on the team is really a standout from what I can tell, but second half they brought it around.

I got some good shots of a few free throws and in the end UC beat Rutgers.

Of course when they announced the cheerleaders would be performing their routine for Nationals after the game, I made my Dad and NBH wait around to watch. I felt really bad because almost everyone left, but I figured my parents came to games solely to watch me cheer so I could return the favor.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about missing you while you're in town. Alex and I are going to try to come to the UK to visit my old stomping ground and my bestie down in London. Would love to see if we can meet up.

Melaina25 said...

If you head up north let me know; I'm always happy to show people around Glasvegas :)