Friday, 30 January 2009

Totally Tubular!

The Saturday we were in Cincinnati my friend Dana and her husband Adam threw an 80's party. I love dressing up and when the FABULOUS Nancy offered her services I couldn't say no. Nancy did my makeup and my bridesmaid's makeup at our wedding and is the owner of Brideface.

My makeup was inspired by the most truly, truly outrageous 80's girl there is, Jem:

Alison's makeup was for that 80's rich girl: defined cheeks and blue eyeshadow and NBH well, I guess he was a club kid. My man is secure in his masculinity, thank you!
club kid
What a poser!

Sisters, for sure!
80s party
Dana and I (my jacket was an authentic Class of '87!)


KD said...

I LOVED Jem. You look adorable.

JoernandAllison said...

What fun! Your inspiration really fit you well.
Glad you were able to have such an outrageous time with your friends!!

Future Millionaire said...

You suck for posting these pictures without asking me.

Dana said...

You forgot to mention that Colin got second in the costume contest. He was robbed if you ask me!