Saturday, 24 January 2009

Getting There

Okay so I'm going to attempt to "back" blog our trip to the States.

We left our flat at 4:15am on the 12th and flew from Glasgow to Amsterdam. We had a sizable layover, but we played cards, ate free cheese and watched some Conchords. Oh and a food court cashier made fun of me saying whatever:

Me: Oh I thought it cost less, whatever.
Clerk: Ha ha, whatever.
Me: Uh-huh
Clerk: So it is €3.30 whatever.
Me: (hands over cash)
Clerk: Here is your change whatever.
Me: Thanks.
Clerk: Whatever, ha ha.

Seriously he found it absolutely hilarious. Me, not so much because the coffee was gross.

Anyway we got on the plane and started to taxi, but then we had to turn back because a passenger was too sick to fly. NBH saw the guy run past with 6 barf bags. Getting him off the plane didn't take very long, but offloading his luggage did. So an hour later (and a little nap) we finally took off.

Flight was okay, food was a bit weird. KLM are apparently doing "Asian" inspired meals but as I said before much to the clerks delight, whatever.

I watched a lot of movies: Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist, StepBrothers & Baby Mama. I'd seen the latter before and just love me some Amy Poehler. Nick and Nora was cute and not your average teen rom-com. StepBrothers was really funny. It was dubbed a lot though so the cussing made no sense; "great Santa's suit" isn't an insult I've heard a lot. Anyway I especially loved this scene. NBH watched it before me and had guessed I would love this particular bit:

Yes this scene could possibly be played out in my hypothetical future family car trips; I'm sure that won't surprise anyone who knows me.

So back to the flight. We arrive and go through our separate customs lines (yes we are married but a) we have different last names and b) I'm not waiting in the johnny foreigner line when I can go get our bags) and NBH takes forever. It wasn't his fault, a flight from Qatar got in at the same time as ours so the screening was a bit heavy. By the time they got to NBH he got no hassle.

Bags took ages to come, but all arrived and then there was a massive line to get out of the baggage hall, again because all the Qatar people were getting their luggage searched. In the 15 years I have been flying transatlantically I have never had a line to get out of the baggage hall.

So we went and got our rental car. I don't remember what make it was (I'm a girl) but it was a purpley color SUV and I loved it. We drove from Dulles to Washington, PA only stopping for some pop once we hit Maryland and then some Taco Bell before the PA border. We spent the night at a hotel (jet lag meant an 8 hour drive was not an option) and then set back out the next day.

We started off our day the best way, with McDonald's breakfast.

They don't do biscuits in the UK, instead just english muffins and it's not the same. I'm also convinced US hashbrowns are longer. Anyway, with our arteries sufficiently clogged, we headed to some outlet malls nearby because I <3 br="br" malls.="malls." oulet="oulet">

The sales weren't that great, except for Banana Republic where we cleaned up. While we were there it started to snow.
There was snow on the ground already, but I was super happy it was actually snowing since that was pretty much all I said I wanted during the trip. NBH drove from PA to OH (I drove the first half) and we made really good time, only stopping once for gas and pop in St. Clairesville. I hoped my friend Lish would randomly be there, but she wasn't. I did however see the funniest billboard for Yes it exists. We also saw a billboard asking "If you died today, where would you spend ETERNITY?" Ahh Ohio, such great road signs. We arrived in Milford (just east of Cincinnati) around 3pm and hit up Frisch's Big Boy for lunch. You may have had a Big Boy platter before, but unless it was at a Frisch's it's not the same. It is ALL about the tartar sauce.
Okay this post was ridiculously long, but I guess that happens when you do this retrospectively.



Caitlin said...

My mouth is watering thinking about extra long hashbrowns. Also, if you have a marriage visa in your passport, you can take your husband through the US line at Immigration at Dulles. If you're ever in that situation again! I know at some US airports you can't but Dulles is a go.

Glad to see you got some shopping in too!

Melaina25 said...

We didn't go the marriage visa route. Since I already had a Fresh Talent Visa, transitioning to a Work Visa was easier and cheaper.

Christina said...

You are killing me with that biscuit picture. I am originally Southern and miss me some biscuits so much.