Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bride Wars

Tonight I went to see a free sneak preview of "Bride Wars" with my Mother-in-law. It stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway as childhood best friends who've always dreamed of getting married. Their boyfriends propose within days of each other and they both choose the same wedding planner who accidentally books their weddings on the same day. When neither chooses to move their date, the war, so to speak, begins.

The movie was definitely cute and there were some laugh out loud funny spots (mostly from supporting characters). Personally I found it hard to believe that Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway were best friends, they had no chemistry. It could also be that because Kate Hudson isn't going to be winning an Oscar anytime soon if you catch my drift.

I'd recommend paying for a matinee ticket rather than full-price and I won't be adding it to my DVD rotation. I'll leave you with the preview, which has some minor spoilers and also contains a lot of stuff that isn't even in the movie- weird! If you go to see it, my favorite line from the movie was about butter. I won't reveal anymore :)


Mary said...

I think I'll catch it on DVD. I'm not a big chick flick person, but this one looks okay.

The Atkinsons in Amsterdam said...

I cannot believe how much Kate Hudson is growing to look like her mom.