Sunday, 8 March 2009


Just a wee note to let you know while the States have "sprung forward" the UK won't until the end of March. Why? I have no idea, but for those who care here is the time difference until we do.
Los Angeles (PST: 7 hours behind GMT)

Cincinnati (EST: 4 hours behind GMT)

Glasgow (GMT)

And if the clock isn't the boss of you, why not blog about DST yourself and win one from Our Name is Mud!


Lorry said...

Isn't it PDT and EDT, since they're on Daylight Time now?

Melaina25 said...


Sabrina said...

Why you say? Because Congress decided to move the United States off of the DST system the rest of the world uses a few years ago in order to save even more energy. Energy independence here we come!! (Or not). You'll also go of DST before us, because now we don't switch off til after Halloween. Which we can apparently thank the candy lobby for. Bored yet? ;)