Monday, 13 July 2009

Cutefest 2009

Cutie Pie Finn is in the lead, but by only 2%!

You can vote every 30 minutes up until 12pm EST (not that I expect you to, but if you are really bored, go for it!)

So if you get a chance, help him secure a 1st place finish and vote! I know Andrea would really appreciate it and Finn will probably be happy when his Mommy stops refreshing her browser every few minutes :)

Thank you for voting!!!

1 comment:

Lorry said...

I normally don't kowtow to those who plea for votes, but Finn actually IS the cutest entry. And I'm not just saying that because I "know" Andrea from online. Seriously, some of those babies are not even on the cute scale, but Finn is frikkin adorable. He deserves it.

And pssst… it's summer. EDT not EST. ;-) (It's always something with me, eh?)