Thursday, 30 July 2009

Give the bhoys a chance

Last night we went to the first home game since the end of the season. The new SPL season hasn't begun, but this was a European game against Dinamo Moscow. Unfortunately Celtic lost 1-0, which was particularly upsetting as they had possession most of the game.

I decided to play about with my new camera and try the "sports" setting.

My favorite player, Nakamura, left to go play in Spain, so I am currently trying to decide who my new favorite player will be. So far these are the contenders:

Artur BorucAlso known as the Holy Goalie, recently did a James Dean-esque photo shoot for a Polish Men's magazine and is an overall bad boy. He's also been accused of drinking and carousing.

Koki Mizuno
He's Japanese and wears #29, which is my due date. I don't have any reasoning other than that.

Massimo Donati
He has had some interesting hairdos in the past and that's one of the things I look for in a footballer. That and bling. Unfortunately he doesn't have bling.

The season hasn't started yet so I'm not in a huge rush to commit.


Jennifer said...

Now that Hartley's gone, I feel ya! What about Darren O'Dea? Shaun Maloney? they are HOT but granted, a wee bit young!

You guys had great seats though!

Melaina25 said...

This is my husband's 15th season in those seats :)

Eww Maloney? He's a pocket person; not my cup of tea!

Also I have a track record of only having non-Scottish players as my favorite, so I might stick to that.