Thursday, 23 July 2009

Thank you Thursday

My Mother-in-Law came back from California with tons of presents from my Mom and herself. There were books and stuffed animals for the baby, jeans and gym shoes for NBH, maternity clothes, my Grandmother's swing coat (to use as a maternity coat) and so much more!

I'm so lucky to have such a great family. She also brought back my birthday present from my Mom, a new digital camera, so I can finally share photos again! Here's some of what I got:
Some super cute gender neutral onesies

You think they forgot Emma? Arlene found a doggie kilt in California of all places!
I love Daddy from my Mom, I love Mommy from NBH's Mom :)

My baby blanket, sweater and Osh Kosh overalls
Om nom nom. Well except the deodorant, don't nom that!

Thank you Mommy and thank you Arlene!

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andrea said...

I totally thought the kilt was for the baby :) That is a great bunch of gifts!!