Monday, 22 March 2010

A Step in the Right Direction

I'm not going to get into a full-blown debate about the health care bill that just passed back home in the USA.  All I'm going to do is post a real-life comparison that I feel supports my support for the bill.

R in North Carolina:

-Paid $3000 out of pocket with insurance. That was just for her didn't include the pediatrician that attended the c/s or her newborn daughter's hospital stay.

C-sections normally run $10,000-$15,000 without insurance and without complications.  That doesn't include hospital stays or any care for the baby, let alone any pre-natal or post-natal care.

Me, in Scotland:

-9 months of pre-natal care, including 5 ultrasounds, multiple bloodwork, several prescriptions, physiotherapy, crutches, splints, etc.
-emergency c-section, spinal anesthetics, 3 1/2 days in hospital, infant and mother antibiotics, etc.
-all my prescriptions and dentistry up until my baby's 1st birthday


"This legislation will not fix everything that ails our healthcare system, but it moves us decisively in the right direction"-President Obama


Vegemite Wife said...

Is that true?? It costs up to $15000 to have a c/s in the US? How does anyone ever afford to have a baby? Wow! Glad I live in the UK now.

Jennifer said...


Jenny said...

How refreshing to hear someone else who is for health care reform. No one I know back home supports it and it is so frustrating!

Melaina25 said...

Veggie that's what I was told by a friend is the uninsured average cost.

I also have a friend who didn't have to pay anything (she had insurance) for her 5 days stay after a vaginal birth, but her insurance was charged $48,000. That included costs for her baby that needed some NICU care and monitoring for her high blood pressure.

Anne-Margaret said...

I'm an American, still in America (though moving to the UK in the fall for Grad school) and I am ALL for the Health Care bill, just wish it had a true public option, it still leaves too much in the hands of greedy insurance companies. Something is far better then nothing though so I am happy to see our elected officials actually trying to do something for the citizens of this "great" nation.

Sarah (Sare) said...

I'm on your bandwagon :)

Lillian's syndrome is a pre-existing condition, and we feel totally trapped to DH's job and health insurance because of it. If we want to move to Sunny Florida, we better hope and pray she could be covered. It's not even an option without this bill.

And who wants to be stuck in Indiana forever? Not I, Melaina, not I.

Stacia said...

How much is the income tax in Scotland?
That being asked, I'm all for everyone having healthcare because we all deserve the best health we can get. However, I am so sick of paying into Medicare and SSI when, by the time I'll need it, neither system will exist. Plus, I have no idea how the new plan will affect someone like me who pays a monthly premium. Will I end up paying more income taxes, more into Medicare/Medicaid and having my deductibles go up and coverage decrease?
I am SO, SO in support of coverage of pre-existing conditions, though. Too many people die from lack of medical care. There is no right solution to please everyone.