Friday 5 March 2010

Two months

Age - two months

Weight - He last got weighed 2 weeks ago and was just under 10lbs.

Height - 23 1/2" (again 2 weeks ago)

Sleeping habit - He is starting to sleep longer at night, but not consistently.

Eating habits - Eating 5oz every 4 hours and now we're trying 6oz before bed.

Favorite activity - Playing in his chair and hitting the whale on it that makes the music play and the fishies light up and wobble. He also *loves* to kick and kick and kick some more which made his photoshoot interesting this month.

Milestones - 2 month vaccines

Firsts - Went for a walk in his pram outside and slept in a big crib (his Daddy's baby crib) while having a week's holiday at his Mimi Arlene's while Daddy was in London.


Liz said...

He is so so adorable. I love how skinny his long legs are! I have a neice, in case he isn't already bethroed...

Anonymous said...

I am not even exaggerating when I say he is one of the cutest 2 month olds I've ever seen. He is just gorgeous!

K-Bar said...

Oh he is so cute. I love his smile!

Sal said...

Featuring you today on my blog!