Thursday, 18 March 2010

Where oh where has Blondie gone?

So I've been pretty good at updating what I've been eating, but between playing with my ever-growing boy, sticking to South Beach and trying to get out for at least one walk a day, I've neglected my blog.

To be honest yesterday I was ready to quit. I got a lovely care package of Girl Scout cookies from my Mom and I don't know I just thought this wasn't working. I think it's that one week hump you need to get over.

Before he left for Poland (don't ask, apparently Warsaw is shits and giggles for bachelor parties, who knew) NBH insisted that I shouldn't weigh myself at his Mom's, we don't have a scale, because I might have put on weight since the last time I weighed myself and therefore be discouraged.

Well I ignored NBH's advice and trepidatiously hopped on the scale this morning. I'm not going to tell you what I lost, but let's say I lost more than enough to know it's not just water weight. Add in that I know I'm retaining more water than usual (ladies you know what I mean) and I'm a happy girl.

So now I'm off to walk my boy in the howling winds that are whipping around the lovely seaside town of Troon, because while he has some crazy metabolism (he's eating the amount of food for a 6 month old, but below the 9th percentile for weight), I don't!

Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of me here and a lot less of me in real life weight wise!


andrea said...

Great job!

Sabrina said...

You know, if you decide to "do the Freddy" you could lose even more weight ;)

Congrats, thought, that's awesome!

Laura said...

we dont have a scale either.. perhaps i should invest in one... it can be positive enforcement also.. :)