Monday, 6 December 2010

11 Months

Age - eleven months, 1 day (I missed 10 months so don't shout)

Weight - We were snowed in last Thursday and away before that so haven't gotten him weighed since well I'm guessing a month ago. He's is over 20lbs, but by how much I dunno.

Height - 29 1/2"

Sleeping habits - He sleeps from 8:30-9:00pm/10pm to 9-9:30am roughly. He recently has done a few after midnight nights much to our shagrin.

Eating habits - Eating 9oz when he wakes up and at bedtime and 2-3 meals depending on when he naps and snacks. He's now had bits of chicken and fish and loved them both. He also has a new love of Cheerios. He will sit at your feet with his mouth open until your share your cereal with him. As long as its non-allergenic food he can pretty much eat what we eat now.

Favorite activity - playing with Emma, singing Itsy Bitsy Spider, saying "So Big," skyping, drumming things, throwing things and signing "please" when he wants you to give him your dinner

Milestones (including those since 10m) - Clapping, Walking (with his Walk 'N Ride), 3 teeth now, "please," sharing his pipka, dancing

Firsts (including those since 10m)- Clapping, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, snowman


Mrs. D said...

um, ok. Could he BE any cuter?! his smile in the first picture melts my heart!!

julesey10 said...

Hes never 11 months already. Jeez. Love his snowsuit. Looks cosy. Wheres it from? I so need a cosy one for the c boy. xx

Michelloui said...

What a sweet post and what a fab video! I really love this age...

Melaina25 said...

It's from one of my BFF's Allyson ( in the USA. It was her son's and she gave it to Blondie Boy.

It's a bit big one him, but it works! I was looking for one his size here but none that I've seen so far are waterproof--BOO!

Anyway, the brand is Carter's which you can sometimes find at Costco here.