Sunday, 12 December 2010

Where oh where has Blondie Boy gone?

Blondie Boy and I have taken our first trip together (without NotBlondeHusband), but can you guess where we are for the next three days? Here are some clues:

-While this is BB's first time in this country, it is my fifth trip.
-I am conversationally fluent in the language.
-EasyJet fly here direct from Scotland.

Can you guess where we are?

Blondie Boy was a star on the plane and made friends with the people sitting behind us. I managed to snag us an extra seat so the two of us had plenty of room.

The only two complaints I have is that while I gate checked the stroller my friend Deb leant us in Scotland, I had to pick it up at baggage claim when I arrived! What's the point in that? Also Blondie Boy's passport didn't get stamped which makes me sad.

I got a few posts set to autopublish and we'll see y'all when we're back!


*Mandy* said...

hmmm Paris?

Dana said...

Must be Germany. Though I would have guessed you've been there more than 5 times.