Sunday, 13 July 2008


So I'm fed up with wearing my glasses already and in a general huff, but yesterday I got a lovely care package from my BOH (bitch of honor) Sabrina and that certainly cheered me up. Sabrina is very crafty these days and made me a fabulous beater and it is even in my wedding colors. I'm really worried I'm going to break it or ruin it though or I'd maybe wear it to the gym. It's not warm enough to wear tank tops anywhere else in Glasgow.

Also my eye is not red at all anymore and I'm starting to wonder if having my eyelashes dyed (which hurt my eyes way more than normal) either caused my limbitis or further compounded the situation....either way it makes me rather hesitant to have it done again before the wedding. I'm going back to the optician on Wednesday and hopefully he will tell me my eyes are happy scrappy and I can wear daily disposables until further notice.

Tonight we went out to dinner with NBH's mom and Dad to a Japanese restaurant, Nanakusa, that we'd never been to before. I LOVE Japanese food and NBH's Dad had suggested something Asian and we didn't want to go to the same place we always go. Anyway it was really good and I had Magura (Tuna) Nigiri and Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) Nigiri to start and Teppan Taki Soba for my main (teppan fried noodles with egg, chicken, shrimp and vegetables)it was sooo yummy. For dessert I had Yaki mochi which is a pastry/parcel type thing with red adzuki beans in the middle...the best comparison I can think of was it tasted like it an undercooked crepe, but thicker. It was super oishi (delicious) whatever it was.

(according to babelfish, 花嫁 means bride)

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