Friday, 18 July 2008


Shitty no good, yucky day. I got up early this morning and headed into work around 7:40am and on the way I got a flat tire. I had to call NBH to come and put on the spare (luckily I was on the bus route 5 minutes away), drive him home, drive to the garage and get a new tire put on for £40. I also found out our exhaust needs replaced; I can't afford to replace it now because its a long month and I don't get paid until the 31st. The guy patched it though so that should at least make it less noisy. I eventually made it to my office at 9:40am.

Then I got to my alterations/seamstress to get my dress and sort out my bustle. My dress fits amazing now, which is great, I don't hate it anymore. Then I show them the pictures I brought with me of what bustle I wanted. Nothing crazy at all, just simple under bustle done with ribbons. Well they say they've never done one....they only do under bustles with snaps or hooks. Everyone I've ever known with overs have had them break.

So now, I'm going to be calling around seamstresses in Glasgow and Cincinnati and try to get something sorted. It's just one more stress (even if a silly one) I don't need now.

There are two happy things about today:

-It's Emma's 4th Birthday!!! We are having a party for her tomorrow so more about it after.

-Arlene, Katie, Deb, Deb's Mother-in-law and aunt and I saw Mama Mia. I wasn't super impressed but it was fun and silly and I really want to watch Muriel's Wedding now.

I totally associate Abba with Muriel; I love Toni Collette and if you've never seen Muriel's Wedding I enthusiastically recommend it. I will leave you a particularly ABBArific scene:


Sabrina said...

Yay party for Emma! What a lucky pup.

And we'll figure out your bustle issues. Or I'll just follow you around for the whole reception carrying your skirt. With one hand, while I have a vodka drink in the other, of course!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma!