Thursday, 10 July 2008

Evangelists and Eyeballs

I left work yesterday and found a leaflet stuck in my windshield; I assumed it was something for the by-election and grabbed it since NBH is helping our friend campaign. Um no. It was the "world newsletter" from Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. WTF? How did this randomness make it's way to the east end of Glasgow? I work in a very impoverished part of the city and our parking lot is for teachers for the nearby school (which isn't in session) and our small building of NHS workers. I'm not going to link to the website, you can google that yourself, but I did research Tony Alamo and it's a very interesting story. I'm interested to see if other people find it all as crazy as I did this pamphlet (which makes no mention of the UK from what I can tell) make it from Texarkana to Shettleston?

In other news this is what I will look like for the next week. After retrieving my Tony Alamo leaflet, I went to Tesco to get my contact prescription updated. Yes, Tesco is the same place I buy my groceries, but they have an optometrist now, too and it is free and convenient.

I don't have a new contact prescription. Why? Well my limbus is inflamed and I have an indent on my eyeballs where my contacts were. In other words my eyes (mostly my left one) are hazy and red and the bit around the iris is aggravated.

So no contacts for me for a week and I have to go get some steroid eye drops from my Dr today. I hate wearing my glasses, but looks like I have no choice in the matter. Emma at least seems to like me in my glasses though, which despite how they look are more of a berry pink than red.


andrea said...

I like the glasses!

Stop said...

You are very clever to realize something is not right about this
Alamo pamphlet showing up in Glascow. Alamo is trying to find new people to come to join his group and knows the disadvantaged are a good place to find those who might be willing to sacrifice their personal freedom and their daughters to him.
He is also aware, people in his part of the United States have been getting more and more information about the rapes and beatings little children in his group may be subjected to. This is why he is targeting your area. It is very sad, because people who are struggling, may go there unaware. And then, they will have a very difficult time getting away.
Please go to:
for more information.
Thank you for bringing this group to the attention of people in your country and hopefully saving them from such horrors.

Thomas said...

Actually, there are people in Glascow who know Tony speaks the Word of God in sincerity. The only people who talk bad about Tony Alamo are the ones who were thrown out on their ears for being liars and worse. Now they are continuing their lying about Tony and creating web sites filled with lies and hate.

happens all the time. they're just disgruntled.

Sabrina said...

I heard tony alamo just has a thing for cashews with cool glasses ;-)
Your blog is really blowing up over this name-dropping. I'm way jealous!

Emily said...

Super cute glasses... it makes me wish I didn't have good eye sight.